Bonnie Edwards
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The Stone Heart

Stone HeartPubisher: Bonnie Edwards; 2 edition
Release Date: July 29, 2012
Format: eBook

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I am excited to announce that THE STONE HEART is included in NORTHERN HEAT, a print anthology of awesome Canadian romance and erotica authors.

Northern Heat

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Lorena’s fallen into an impossible love, but in a perilous sexually charged midnight game of Hide and Seek, who wins? The dark of the night? Or the bright light of day?

“THE STONE HEART by Bonnie Edwards—We need more gargoyles, and more gypsy curses. I’m absolutely convinced that they are under-used in paranormal romances. This story also has a really unique twist on it that made me want more. Beginning with a sexy game of hide-and-seek, and ending with a broken curse, you’ll have to find out if love really does conquer all?”Demon Lover’s Books & More


The gypsy Nikko frightened Lorena Krenz more after his death than he had in all the days of his life. For thirty years she’d half expected him to come back from the grave to torment her. But if Nikko planned to return, it wasn’t through reincarnation as Jaysen Gray.

She had her proof that Jaysen had been born before Nikko’s death. Relieved, she closed the genealogical website. She’d waited weeks to ask Jaysen his birthdate and this confirmation eased her mind.

After living this way for over a hundred years, she deserved what comfort she found in Jaysen’s arms. Need had outweighed natural caution with the brawny cop who’d wooed and seduced her for weeks before she’d succumbed. Foolishly she’d taken his comfort for too long before checking him out, afraid that she’d find the vicious gypsy Nikko lurking under Jaysen’s attractive exterior.

Now, she needn’t worry.

Not that this fling with Jaysen would last long. It couldn’t. But for as long as it lasted, she would enjoy him freely, completely. Even without Nikko’s interference she knew it would pain her to end things. She felt far too much for Jaysen. In a way, she regretted having checked on him. This evidence that he was exactly who, and what, he said he was would only encourage her to dream.

And dreams were for fools.

She checked the day’s receipts and sighed. Books were fast becoming outdated and profits were next to nil. Maybe scrapbooking supplies would suit the neighborhood better.

She loved closing the shop alone, her senses alive and tuned to the dangers in the night. The titillation of fear brought its own rewards. The long walk through the empty streets was the only time she was free to be herself, to be Lorena; just a woman alone in the dark.

Pocketing the shop key, she looked both ways for any sign of danger. Nothing stirred along the rain-washed street. Good. The street lamp overhead flickered, increasing her edgy excitement and anticipation.

The night dark enveloped her as she strolled past other closed shops and storefront services. Music blared from an apartment overhead, cracking the softness of the night air with discordant screams and a thumping beat. She blinked and the music died. People shouldn’t disturb their neighbors this late.

She moved on, not caring about the chill. Caring only that she was here for another night: alive, with the bloom of youth still bathing her face with luminous light.

Half a block down, a cab cruised by. The driver slowed but she waved him on. The whoosh of tires in the puddles sounded soft. Romantic. The city lived a different way at night. The dark was a comfort, the gentle sounds a balm. Still, she wished she could enjoy daylight the way everyone else did. The way she used to.

Lost in her faded memories of daytime delights, Lorena nearly missed the first footfall; half a block behind her. Another. She stopped and held her breath to hear. Jaysen knocked on the shop door. A soft curse came on the still air as he realized she’d left. A thrill raced along her nerve endings as he moved faster, trying to catch up. The game was on.

His footsteps became faster, heavier and she picked up her pace so he wouldn’t catch her in the overhead lighting. She preferred the dark. If he looked too closely, saw too much– the thought chilled her. No! She would lead him to the dark where she controlled everything he saw, everything he felt. Passion and release often brought a loss of control over her features.

Caution must rule over need even in the dark.

The alley entrance beckoned. She could make it before he saw her and then find a place to hide. She quickened her pace, anxious. If he passed the alley entrance before doubling back, she’d have more time to prepare and anticipate. Arousal spiked as fear coursed through her veins, chilly and exciting.

She caught sight of herself in the dirt streaked, watery window of the door that led to the upstairs apartment over Harrison’s Meats. She saw her hair disheveled from the dash along the storefronts, an unholy gleam in her eye and her face showed an excited aura. She frowned because an unguarded moment could be her undoing. If Jaysen saw who she really was, what Nikko had turned her into, he’d be the one running away.