Bonnie Edwards
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Press Kit

Bonnie Edwards has worked at a variety of jobs but loves storytelling best. Raised in Toronto, Canada, she now lives on an island within view of the Coastal Mountains and the City of Vancouver.

In 2006, she helped launch the Kensington Aphrodisia erotic romance line. She’s now published in single title length, category length, novellas and short stories with publishers that include Harlequin Blaze and Carina Press. A long-time member of Romance Writers of America, she can be reached through her Contact page.

Ms. Edwards is available for workshops on the craft of writing. An easygoing speaker, she’s given daylong and shorter workshops to Romance Writers of America Chapters across Canada and has had articles published in several newsletters and the Romance Writers Report.

Occasionally she offers creative writing classes online. Please contact her for details.

Ms. Edwards is represented by Emily Sylvan Kim at the Prospect Agency, Brooklyn, NY.

Bonnie Interviewed


“. . . readers will need asbestos gloves to flip through this funny, sexy romp.”

4.5 Stars! Pat Cooper, RT BOOK Reviews

“MEN TIMES THREE is as hot as the desert sun with men promising to quench your thirst. I loved it!”

Mandy Burns,

“. . . an incredibly intricate novel. . .”

5 Stars!


“So, if you like your books scorching hot—run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookstore and pick this one up. Because this one—You Gotta Read!”

Sashet, You Gotta Read Reviews

“Unique collection of erotic novellas filled with humor and strong passion. […] Bonnie Edwards’ unique stories are full of humor and seductive passion, which make them a pure joy and pleasure to read!”

Mandy Burns,

“With scorching hot gorgeous men and potent blistering sex scenes, get ready for a ride into sultry passion!”

Rating 4, Tammy Faris, The Romance Readers Connection

Reviews and Praise for Bonnie Edwards’ Aphrodisia Titles


“The sex is sizzling hot, but it’s the tender moments that make these stories so fantastic. Ms Edwards’ style of writing allows you to really feel the characters’ emotions.”
Grade A. Laura J, The Good, The Bad The Unread on THIGH HIGH

“THIGH HIGH is the ultimate in erotic reading. Bonnie Edwards give us three intriguing stories filled with humor, sex, and spirits. The characters are warm and lovable. This is one book you don’t want to miss.”
Gloria Gehres, The Romance Readers Connection on THIGH HIGH

“Ms. Edwards puts fire in her characters that can be felt completely. The steam floats off the pages enticing me to find out what will happen next. I really enjoyed the stories…hated to see them end.

4 Cups, Krista, Coffee Time Romance on THIGH HIGH

“…without a doubt the hottest and the sexiest book that I have ever read. Each story made its way without any help from any of the other stories and each one of them was hot in and of itself. Parlor Games, with the story of Perdition House, [MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS] probably is my favorite book because it’s a continuing mystery, and I want to see the final outcome…I would definitely recommend this book. Great job Ms. Edwards.”
A Recommended Read! Missy, Fallen Angel Reviews on THIGH HIGH

“Edwards’ beautifully written stories evoke feelings of anticipation as readers wonder how each situation will play out. She knows how to put her characters in arousing sexual scenes and wring emotion out of them at the same time. The satisfying finale brings back the mysterious bordello that figured prominently in the author’s MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS.”
4 Stars! Gail Pruszkowski, Romantic Times BOOKreviews on THIGH HIGH


“[ROCK SOLID] is my favorite story of the book. Jake and Lexa are hardworking people put in a situation that is beyond their control, and they definitely make the most of it. Faye is an interesting character with her movie bombshell clothing, but the best character of all is the house itself. It really encourages the great love scenes.”
Maura, Coffee Time Romance on ROCK SOLID

“What began as a flippant sex romp, filled with outrageous ghostly characters from the past, surprisingly morphed into a tender love story. The author leaves little to the imagination… The oral sex scenes between these two are especially hot. I found ROCK SOLID a delightful, sexy story with very believable characters.”
4/5 Stars! Anna Mae Garland, Just Erotic Romance Reviews on ROCK SOLID

“… a scorching romance that will ratchet up the heat. Love scenes are described in vivid detail and leave nothing to the imagination. You might want to have a fan handy.”
4 Stars, Kristi Ahlers, Romantic Time BOOKreviews on BUILT

“The heat is on and never cools down.”
Harriet Klausner on ROCK SOLID


“I loved MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS II! This story is a rollicking, sexy ride that was tough to put down.”
4/5 Stars! Sandi Potterton, Just Erotic Romance Reviews, on MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS II

“Edwards mixes fantasy and reality in this imaginative and romantic ghost story…flows with humor, emotion, sex and love…”

4 Stars! Gail Pruszkowski, Romantic Times BOOKreviews on MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS II

“With characters that will entertain and bewitch you, MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS II is a spicy, delightful read…”
Holly Tibbs, Romance Reviews Today on MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS II

“MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS II is a winner steamy. I can’t wait to see what Bonnie Edwards will write next in this series.”
Gloria Gehres, The Romance Readers Connection on MIDNIGHT CONFESSIONS II