Rayder’s Appeal

The Brantons, Book 4

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He says he’s reformed, but to her he’ll always be a con man…

Eleanor Macklin overcame the destruction of her first love and has built the life she wants. If she’s not spontaneous or giving or loving anymore…that’s because of a life lesson she learned from a master of deceit.

Reformed con man Rayder Cole has stumbled on a plot that could ruin Eleanor and all she’s worked for. Unless she’s the one seeking revenge for the way he mistreated her, in which case, he deserves whatever punishment she metes out.

In a race to save Ellie, Rayder may find his way back to the only woman he’s ever loved.

If she doesn’t leave him to rot in jail…

Warning: There’s groveling in this book so if you don’t want to read about a man trying to make his way back to love…then this romance isn’t for you.