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Christmas to the Max, A Return to Welcome Novel

A stand-alone Return to Welcome Novel: Christmas to the Max brings two charming and romantic series together! Max Whyte (Love at Christmas) moves to Welcome, WA. (Return to Welcome)
Max Whyte leaves Canada to live closer to his daughters. He wants to fix up an old home, settle into his new job, and try not to think about turning forty alone.
Burned by a single mother before, he vows not to get involved with another woman with children. When he saves the life of a small boy, he finds himself entangled in more ways than he can imagine.




Another new Christmas novella is included in Dickens Comes to Christmas 

This box set contains 10 romances with all the joys and spirit of the season and for a limited time is priced at only 99c.

The Tango AKA The Dance of Love…

Brenna James takes an early Christmas break in Dickens to regroup and relax. She chooses tango lessons to take her mind off her pending promotion. She finds her instructor, Jett … Smith intriguing. But Jett may not be who he says he is…

Jett Somers is masquerading as a dance instructor while searching for the inventor of a process that could change the world. Jett’s never had a Christmas before, but Brenna sweeps him up in her family and her Christmas spirit.

Can one more tango give him everything he longs for?










To buy: https://books2read.com/LikeAnAngel

He needs a woman bad. And a good woman even more . . .
New York heiress Andi Morrison needs to unplug and unwind, but a prairie farm in Canada is going too far, especially when it comes with a family in need. Coping with real children with real needs is not what she’s trained for and certainly not what she wants.

But Andi’s never been truly needed a day in her life. She’s a perfect hostess and a perfect daughter, the one in a mask of perfection no one cares to look behind. But children? No way!

Brice Logan is desperate to keep his houseful of foster children together. Without a woman in the home everything he lives for is threatened. When Andi stumbles up his driveway, like a misguided angel, he has to take what he can get.

Soon, Brice learns he needs more than Andi’s help.

He wants her everything.

Can love take root on a lonely Canadian prairie between two people who come from completely different worlds?



The Brantons A Collection: 

The full set of The Branton family romances. Three fun, steamy stories of lost love returned, new love found and brand new chances.

The Brantons have had some peculiar twists in their love lives…

Body Work: Tyce and Lisa – A second chance on first love romance

Slow Hand: Teri and Jared—A runaway bride learns what she really needs

Whole Lot o’ Love: Ashlee and Brick—A single mom gets another chance at love

And another new boxed set is:

Love at Christmas A Collection


The full set of the Love at Christmas stories. This collection contains three outstanding, warm hearted Christmas romances.

In the Love at Christmas romances love straddles the American/Canadian border and brings joy to three unique couples…

Not-so Blue Christmas: Kirk and Miranda- A second chance of love in a small town

Invitation to Christmas: Jordyn Bailey kissed Tom Fontaine last Christmas. But their parents are engaged…

One Crazy Christmas: Cade and Karyn- A Second chance romance with a single mom and single dad.