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Last Chance Beach Romance

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The worst thing that could happen to a man who doesn’t want children is to inherit two little boys.
The next worst thing would be to have a nanny with a child of her own.

Archie Jones, a wealthy playboy who’s never stayed more than two weeks in any one place finds himself saddled with an old friend’s four- and six-year-old boys.When his brother suggests desperate Archie hire his wife’s sister, Archie can’t say no.Equally desperate Beth Matthews is appalled that a man who can’t remember her name, or show up for family events, is now responsible for the lives of two adorable orphans. When he proposes she join him in a co-parenting partnership, she’s torn between her dislike of the man and the obvious needs of the children. Not to mention she’s a broke single mom with an explosive secret.

In this forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers romance set in the charming beach town of Last Chance Beach Archie and Beth must find a way to compromise, live together, and always put the needs of their children first.Archie soon learns he’s underestimated mousy Beth while she finds new appreciation for the footloose man who does all he can to build a loving family despite his many failings.

But when Archie suddenly abandons them, will Beth have faith in the changes she’s seen in him or will she believe he’s returned to his wandering ways?

In Last Chance Beach love always finds a way.




Archie Jones has accepted guardianship of his friend’s sons. This is their first meet:

Four Hours Later

Jeremy, who said he was six, and Duncan, four, came with a backpack and a re-usable grocery bag each. Archie had rented a minivan and dragged the rental guy along to help with the car seats. He’d expected a full complement of toys and kid gear. The youngest had a stuffed bunny and a half-shredded baby blanket with him. Jeremy had nothing but his bags. And soulful eyes that mourned.

Too much for a six-year-old to bear. It was hard to look at the kid. But when he held out his hand to shake, Archie obliged.

Duncan’s hand was smaller, and his eyes filled with tears when they shook hands. He sniffled and drew in a big breath to try and look brave.

Archie recognized the expression because he’d worn the identical one for weeks when he’d been sent away. He hadn’t been much older than Duncan. With awkward wonder, Archie patted his little head. Small comfort, but it was all he had to give.

Their caseworker stood to the side, observing the initial meet. He glanced over at her and got a nod.

“You look alike,” he said, attempting a smile. Keith’s stamp was all over them, from their dimpled chins to their sturdy bodies to their brown hair. Keith had been solid with a barrel chest and built for wrestling. “You look like your dad. He was one of my best friends.”

Jeremy nodded. “He told us you met in college, and you were nice to him.” His lip quivered. “He said you’d be nice to us, too.”

Now it was his turn to try and look brave. “I’ll do my best,” he said hollowly. Solemnly.

He wondered what the boys saw when they looked at him. Each one seemed resigned to their fate.

After he’d told the lawyer his decision, he signed a lot of paperwork. The minor details of Keith’s life, like the disposition of his belongings and assets hardly made a dent in Archie’s mind. The whole thing was a blur. Like much of his life.