Twinkle Twinkle Little Thong

The Diamond Series, Book 1

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A secret that should never be exposed…

When a bundle of trouble AKA one lively mutt absconds with an — umm — expensive piece of underwear, Frankie Volpe gives chase and lands on the deck of a float home owned by a man she’s secretly lusted for.

But the $50,000 thong? Nowhere to be found. The mutt was better at hiding stuff than Frankie!

All she wants is her regular, boring, real, Chicago life back but all her good luck turned bad and Frankie’s hiding out in Victoria, British Columbia.

Daniel Martin is a late-night blues radio host who’s been aware of Frankie since she arrived in the marina. The mysterious, sexy, Frankie seems standoffish until she needs his help tracking an odd piece of clothing his dog scampered off with.

Soon, their attraction flares into something neither of them expects and Daniel accepts a job in a brand new timeslot in a new market — Chicago — the last place in the world Frankie can go. Frankie’s secret is about to be exposed. Will the truth about her good karma gone bad clear the path for them or send Frankie running again?


If you’re looking for a sample chapter, no can do! It’s too explicit…too hot…too much for a public website. Oh, yes, oh, yes, it is. You can always check it out on Amazon, though, in the “look inside” feature. 

But why not just take my word for it and buy the book? And happy reading!