Body Work

The Brantons, Book 1

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Can first love turn into a second chance romance?

When Lisa Brady escaped her life in the trailer park, she left backyard mechanic Tyce Branton in her rear view…

Years later, as the go-to mechanic for wealthy car collectors, Tyce Branton is the only man Lisa trusts to help her fulfill an important promise. After he’s prepared her classic car collection for an exclusive auction, it will be rear view time again.

Their old flame reignites and threatens to turn them to cinders…

But Tyce isn’t the kind of man to be used and discarded. Been there, done that, and he has the scars to prove it. Yes, he’s the right man for the job Lisa has in mind, but he wants a new future, too. And Lisa’s new wealth could mean big changes for Tyce.

Tyce wants, badly, to turn the tables on his first love and be the one to leave…but his best laid plans go awry and Tyce finds Lisa as sexy and irresistible as ever.

Friends, then enemies…now lovers. Tyce wants Lisa as much as ever, but Lisa’s leaving again and she’s definitely in the driver’s seat.