Perdition House: Part 2

An Erotic Saga

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Welcome to Perdition House…a house of sin, secrets and seduction where the spirits of dead hookers mess with the living…

Not all ghost stories are frightening, some are downright erotic…

Faye Grantham has chosen to stay in her inherited mansion with the lively spirits of the hookers who once lived, worked, and fell in love in the world-famous elite bordello Perdition House.  She struggles to control her “spirited” libido, the dreams visited on her by her ghostly live-in companions, and even her own thoughts.  But Faye must also learn the secret of the screaming woman she glimpses in her nightmares.

How can Faye continue the traditions of Perdition House and maintain the spirits’ only refuge?

The time has come to choose her exclusive lover or lose them both.  Faye has the devil’s own time picking between Liam Watson and Mark McLeod, two very different men with varied and exciting talents.  In this rousing “happy ending”, Faye and the “girls” find the one thing they never expected in a bordello: everlasting love!