Craving Jake (Return to Welcome Book 3)

Returning to Welcome was easy. Staying will be a challenge, especially when someone wants to drive her out…

Brianna Bowler has returned to Welcome to help run Bowler’s Dog Rescue while her mom recuperates from surgery. She’s also doing everything she can to set aside thoughts of her high school crush who appears to be with a perfectly perfect sprite of a woman. (Not that she minds how opposite she and the sprite are. Really, she doesn’t.)

Paramedic Jake Morrow has a woman in his house, cooking, cleaning, clinging—and irritating the hell out of him. He’d felt sorry for Theda, injured, alone and broke, and offered to help. Big mistake.

Jake likes his loner existence. He should, he deliberately created it. He’s set himself apart from everyone who used to know him. He can’t take their pitying looks, their sympathy, or their avid interest in his past.

What would really make his day? His ex-girlfriend finally moving out. But Theda won’t take his word for it that things are over.

What’s worse is Brianna Bowler’s return. Their shared secret burns between them as Jake finally accepts that things aren’t quite right with Theda. A break-in at the dog rescue, smashed windows, and a stolen laptop all add up to trouble in Welcome.

Trouble for Brianna brings all Jake’s protective instincts to the surface and Jake knows his loner life will never be good enough again.

Some women can’t be set aside, not even for their own good…but others want revenge.