Like An Angel

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He needs a woman bad. And a good woman even more . . .

New York heiress Andi Morrison needs to unplug and unwind, but a prairie farm in Canada is going too far, especially when it comes with a family in need. Coping with real children with real needs is not what she’s trained for and certainly not what she wants.

But Andi’s never been truly needed a day in her life. She’s a perfect hostess and a perfect daughter, the one in a mask of perfection no one cares to look behind. But children? No way!

Brice Logan is desperate to keep his houseful of foster children together. Without a woman in the home everything he lives for is threatened. When Andi stumbles up his driveway, like a misguided angel, he has to take what he can get. Soon, Brice learns he needs more than Andi’s help.

He wants her everything.

Can love take root on a lonely Canadian prairie between two people who come from completely different worlds?