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Perdition House

Now available in paperback from Amazon!
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Welcome to my cyber home: the best place to see what’s happening with my book news.

Finally! I’m able to announce the revised version of Part 1 of my most-asked about series: Perdition House. I’m calling these first two books an erotic saga because the ghost stories in Part 1 lead perfectly into Part 2, where all the happy endings can be found.

Be aware these are adult only titles!

These books were originally titled Midnight Confessions and while I did come up with that title, it was never how I thought of my haunted bordello. It has always been and always will be Perdition House. Odd, but all of the readers who connected with me always said they wanted more books set in Perdition House. They loved the house as much as I did! So…

Welcome to Perdition House: a house of sin, secrets and seduction.

Ghost stories are not always frightening. Sometimes they’re cheeky, sometimes erotic…

When Faye Grantham inherits Perdition House, she expects to sell the property and marry her fiance.

But the spirits who reside in the mansion have other ideas. Trapped in the bordello, the women who lived and worked there tell their stories in dreams.

The “girls” control Faye’s libido, influence her decisions and drive her into the arms of two very different men.

Liam Watson wears comfort like most men wear cologne. With an interest in adventurous sex, he’s more man than he first seems.

Mark McLeod is a decisive businessman who was meant to be just a hot one-night stand. But Mark hopes to continue Faye’s lessons in sensuality.

Faye is forced to choose: Perdition? Liam? Mark? Who or what will win her heart?


Earthy, Irreverent . . . Lovestruck