Luck of the Draw – Amazon Exclusive

Recently I was invited quite by surprise to come up with a “good fortune changes lives” story. A romance, of course, because that’s all I write. At the time I was on the road touring Arizona, getting some sunshine and warmer temperatures.

My first thought was “What fun!” My second was “How can I get a novella written in such a short time?” I’m not a fast writer and I don’t plot a lot. But my third thought was “What series of mine is appropriate for a good luck story?”

My Tales of Perdition (see below for Book 5!) wouldn’t work because it’s a paranormal series about ghosts in a haunted former bordello. Far too sexy and more about the past stories of the hookers’ spirits than a happy good luck story.

My Christmas Collection wouldn’t work because I’m already working on Book 3 and I was, in fact, writing on the road. One Crazy Christmas would have to wait…

Then I lighted on my short series, The Brantons and knew I’d hit the jackpot. The Branton family has roots in the La La Land Trailer Park and most of them were raised by hardworking single moms. Perfect fodder for a good luck story, don’t you think?

Whole Lot o’ Love was born in a mad rush of plotting while on the road between Yuma and San Diego (a pretty stretch of countryside).

The book is already in the hands of my editor and I’ll be doing those edits ASAP and preparing for the release on May 11.


Luck of the Draw – Amazon Exclusive

Feeling Lucky? Check out LUCK OF THE DRAW – 13 lucky stories EXCLUSIVE to this boxset available for a LIMITED time! 13 tales of unimaginable luck – 13 fascinating novellas of love, loss, and mystery. From lotteries to sweepstakes, poker to roulette and horse racing to wishes, these 13 stories will make you wish you’d been the winner! These 13 novellas are BRAND NEW and have never been published. By USA Today Bestselling, International, and Bestselling authors.

More information on my story: Whole Lot o’ Love which is exclusive to this boxset…that’s right…you can’t buy this one as a single until later this year.

Ashlee Branton’s stroke of luck is giving her and her son a new, settled life back home.

Except that returning to Blaine, Washington means facing her son’s father, Brick Harcourt, in a most unsettling way.

But Ashlee has two pasts now, one with Brick and one with an ex who wants to crash their reunion. Will she run again or stay and sacrifice money for love?


~ ~ ~ ~


My latest release! A Breath Taken Tales of Perdition 5. Travel back in time to Perdition House 1913

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The mysterious spirits of Perdition House are up to mischief again, but this time lives are at stake. . .

Blue McCann wants a second chance to live. Drawn into a vintage clothing shop by a mysterious woman, she tries on an antique corset…and wakes up in 1913 in the body of another woman.

Dr. Colt Stephens has been attracted to a woman he first met in Perdition House. Unfortunately, he made the wrong assumption about her role in the famous, exclusive, “gentleman’s retreat.”

But now it seems by saving her life, he’s in her good graces and in her bed. She’s everything he’s ever wanted…even if she’s not the woman he thinks she is.

Can Blue McCann learn how to stay in this life she’s been given or will she have to return to the present where death awaits her?

In the fifth instalment of Tales of Perdition, secrets are revealed and answers are found…