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Welcome to Bonnie

Welcome to my cyber home: the best place to see what’s happening with my book news.

I’m excited to announce that Rock Solid will be available November 21. But you can pre-order it now if you’d like it to show up in your e-reader first thing that morning!

Rock Solid is a sexy, rollicking ghost story that links 2 different series: The Brantons (that starts with Body Work) and Perdition House…An Erotic Saga.

Rock Solid was previously published (2007) by Kensington Books in the anthology Built.

Rock Solid is a stand alone story and a sexy read all in itself, but it does bridge two different series. If you’ve missed those earlier stories you can read in order:
The Brantons: Body Work & Slow Hand
Perdition House Part 1 & Part 2…An Erotic Saga

In Rock Solid Jake MacKay gets a mysterious late-night call from an alluring woman who demands he come to Perdition House to give her an estimate on renovation work. Problem is, Jake’s in Florida and Perdition is near Seattle. Try as he might, Jake cannot refuse the voice…

Lexa Creighton is a descendent of a couple who worked at Perdition House in its early years. She’s heard rumors about the house all her life. Little does she know that just because her ancestors are dead, it doesn’t mean they won’t mess with her life. Especially her sex life!

When Jake meets Lexa, sparks fly because of his family curse: love at first touch. But with the spirits of Perdition House interfering, his pursuit of a life with Lexa gets…complicated.

For Lexa, their incredible encounters are all about ghosts tweaking their libidos, while Jake is already in love.

Jake has his work cut out for him, but can Lexa learn her lessons from her meddling ancestors?


Earthy, Irreverent . . . Lovestruck